Life with braces - you will survive!

I just got my braces. Now what? The first few weeks are an adjustment. You will survive! The best thing you can do is follow the instructions given by Dr. Baird and his team. Here is the lowdown...


  1. Do brush morning and night and after meals anytime possible. Get the teeth clean! Brush on top of the brackets,  under the wire, and gently brush the gums. Don’t forget the parts of the teeth that don’t have braces.  If you can’t brush after a meal or snack, swish with water. Let the shower blast your teeth or use a waterpik if available. Sugarless gum does not take the place of brushing, but it can help get rid of some plaque as well! 

  2. Do floss daily. Platypus flossers can be found on

  3. Do limit sugar intake, especially soda and sports drinks.

  4. Do eat healthy foods.                                                                          

  5. Do be careful biting and chewing.

  6. Do for sure wear elastics as instructed. (usually 24 hours per day)

  7. Visit your dentist every 6 months!


  1. Don’t break brackets. Some foods are hard on braces- think hard and sticky. Here a few foods with bad reputations: Carmel, Now and Laters, tootsie rolls, bagels, beef jerky, nuts, popcorn. Popcorn husks (you know, those little shell things around the kernel) can easily get stuck and cause trauma to the gums- not fun! Cut apples and carrots into smaller pieces and chew them with your back teeth.  We can’t list every item that has ever broken a brace, just be careful and use good judgement.

  2. Don’t forget to do all the things in the DO list.

Orthodontics is a team game! We will do our best to provide you with excellent treatment, but some things you have to do for yourself.

Here are four keys to finishing braces sooner and with better results:

  1. Keep your teeth and gums clean all the time. Go easy on the sugar, especially soda and sports drinks!

  2. Don’t break off brackets!

  3. Wear elastics as instructed. The pattern of wearing is important, our team will show you how this works. The pattern may change from time to time depending on what is needed. Wearing them all the time is a big deal. Elastics work really well if worn full time, with very limited movement if worn part time!

  4. Come to all appointments!

What do I do if something happens after hours?

Broken bracket
The bracket will usually stay connected to the wire, just leave it there and call for an appointment to put it back on. Please call ahead rather than waiting for your regular appointment so we can schedule the proper amount of time.

Poking wire
Cover with wax. If wax doesn’t work try a cotton ball, a piece of fabric, or anything you can think of to protect the cheek, even a chewed piece of sugarless gum. Call for an appointment to get it fixed.

Loose expander or other appliance with bands
Usually they will be loose on one side only. Push the loose part back into place and call for a recementing appointment. If both sides are loose, go ahead and take it out. If eating is inhibited call the emergency number.

Call the West Jordan office if you can’t work out a problem on a temporary basis. Dr. Baird’s cell phone number will be on the message. You can also text him. An alternate number will be provided on the West Jordan voicemail if Dr. Baird is out of town.

Draper 801.967.3337 | West Jordan 801.280.1722 | THANK YOU!! GOOD LUCK!!